The International Council encourages organizations and individuals who have an active involvement in the practice and/or teaching of pastoral care and counselling within diverse religious and spiritual traditions and cultures to consider membership.

As the Council seeks to connect people within the fields of pastoral care and counselling, prospective members are asked to apply, using the following Application for membership form, demonstrating their formal connections with group/s within their own countries/regions, to ensure appropriate representation of their contextual situations. Please refer to the Constitution for eligibility.

Prospective members need to apply using the format outlined below. Once received by the executive, applications will be considered and responded to as soon as possible.

Membership fees support the ongoing work of the Congress executive and enable the development of scholarship funding and other forms of support for particular needs within the community of Pastoral Care and Counselling. Membership contributions are requested according to organizational membership numbers and financial capacity – please refer to the constitution.

Formal reception into membership is acknowledged within the General meetings of Congress.

Download Membership Application Form

For a full list of member association groups and their contact details see here. Regional lists of member associations are found under each Regional tab.